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Booking Help

For help with bookings, please contact our Website Administrator

To make a booking on the DSC website you must first log in. See our other help sheet with
information about the updated website if you do not know how to do this.

If you would like other club members to be able to add you to their bookings, click on the “MY
PROFILE” link at the top-right of the page and click where it says: “Allow non-family members
to book for me:” and change to yes

Our new system will allow you to track the progress of payment and confirmation of your
bookings, as well as see all bookings for yourself/your family.

Making a booking is a simple 3-step process:

To find the booking form, click on the navigation menu > “BOOKINGS” > “BOOKING FORM”

Basic Details:

On this page select the Date you will arrive, the number of nights you will be staying and the
number of people you are booking for

Lodges & People

For each night select the lodge you wish to stay at. A small icon will appear on the right - either
a green tick if everything looks okay, or a red exclamation mark if there is a potential problem.
Put your mouse over the icon and hold a moment to see what it indicates (eg: lodge full, lodge
not open)

For each person, you will need to select whether they are a family member, guest or club
member before you can add a name.

If you have selected a family member or club member, when you start typing the name of the
person you should see a list of members whos names match. NOTE: the other club members
must have opted to allow other club members to book for them else their name will not appear!
When you see the correct member, please click their name in the list. If you do not click, they
will not be selected from the database and you will not be able to complete the booking.

For any guests please enter their name and age. This is required information as there is a
minimum age limit for the top lodge.


A table will appear showing the accommodation charges for each person on each night

Please select your payment method from the drop down menu.

If you have account credit (eg: early membership accommodation credit, credit you have added
to your account previously) you can also use this for your payment

If you decide to split your payment between account credit and direct debit, you will be asked

to select how much for each - dont worry, the form will do some error checking when submitted
just in case you get it wrong


After you submit the form successfully, you will be taken to a page with details on how to make
your payment. You will also be emailed this information.

Next Steps

The bookings officer now has to confirm your payment, and once this is done they can confirm
your bookings. If there are any problems with your booking (eg: lodge is full, too young for top
lodge, lodge closed) you will contacted by the bookings officer.

Viewing & Tracking your bookings

Your bookings are all listed on your “My Family” page (link at the top-right of every page)

If you have any problems, or suggestions on how to make this better - please contact our
Website Administrator Sandie Fry -

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Last Updated: 20 June 2012

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